Thursday, December 27, 2007

Natures Jewels

"Natures Jewels"
Nikon D200, 105 Macro & 12mm Extension Tube
Singh Ray Warm Polarizer
raw capture @ ISO 100
Processed and cataloged in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

I have been quite busy this week going back through and processing and key wording images from this past fall for a large submission to my stock agencies. I came across a series of dewy web images from a trip I made into the West Virginia Highlands in early October. This particular shot was made just about an hour after sunrise in a meadow that was almost completely filled with these Orb webs. I used my 105 Macro and an extension tube to make this image, By setting my aperture to f5.6 was able to get just enough depth-of-field to keep a section of the web in focus while still being able to let the rest of the image blur out.

I will post some more Spider Web images from this past fall throughout the rest of the week, so check back every so often.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays.


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