Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Abstact forest in any season

Before the entrance to New Germany State Park is a beautiful stand of pine trees. I often visit this location when I am out and about in Western Maryland. I find that the graphic shape of the slender vertical trunks provides a great opportunity for abstract images in any season. These 2 images were both made with a multiple exposure technique. I hand held my camera fitted with a 70-200mm zoom and slightly panned upward over the course of 10 exposures. As you can see this creates a beautiful impressionistic image.

The first image was made this past fall and the latter last week in the dead of winter. I like both and I feel that they have a completely different feel due to the light and the season. What do think?

Dancing Pines, Autumn Abstract, New Germany State Park, Maryland

Dancing Pines, Winter Abstract, New Germany State Park, Maryland

This image is available as a Fine Art Print in sizes up to 24x36 inches. If you are interested in purchasing this image as well as many others, visit my website at for more information.


Chris Kayler said...

Hi Joe, nice stuff. I like the newer one best, actually. Hope to cya at Great Falls tomorrow.

Joe said...

I will be there, Chris. Thanks for checking in.

Chris Kayler said...

Hey man, thanks for meeting up today - let me know when you want to do it again ... I'm at Great Falls like all the time, so most any day will be good for me. I posted one of the shots I got on my blog if you want to check it out. Hope Meadowlark went alright ... cya.