Sunday, March 16, 2008

Morning Shoot at Brookside Gardens

I had to get out of from behind my computer, so I decided to make a quick outing to Brookside Gardens on Saturday morning. Knowing it had rained the night before, I was hoping for some nice dewy images and good light. I was going to go over to Great Falls for a sunrise, but decided against it, thinking that the water through the Gorge would be to muddy with snow melt in the mountains and the recent rains.

I started out at first light shooting macro images near the conservatory and then as the sun rose over the tree line, I moved up along the hill to shoot dewy grass and tree abstracts. Some of the dewy grass images are my favorites and these were made by laying on my belly with a 300mm and a 25mm extension tube. This allowed me to focus very close while also throwing the background out of focus and created those beautiful specular highlights. By shooting with my aperture wide open, the specular highlights become a big orb of light. Here are a few examples.

I then headed into the conservatory to shoot far about an hour before the light became to harsh and the crowds arrived. All in all it was a really fun and productive morning. Now its time to get back to finishing up on some images for submission to my stock agency. Later this morning, I will be heading over the eastern Shore to St. Michaels to scout some new locations to shoot and for our upcoming workshop this summer. Have a great weekend, Joe.


Tony Sweet said...

Great stuff, Joe.
I should have some time in the coming week, just finishing up a book and getting caught up on my online classes (takes a TON of time, man). I look forward to getting down to Brookside mid next week.

Chris Kayler said...

Hey man,

You certainly got some nice images there. Let me know if you've got any free time coming up - would love to get together.


Joseph Rossbach said...

Tony and Chris,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.