Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Potomac River HDR

I made this image last fall while leading a workshop in Great Falls National Park. I set my camera to auto bracket at 5 frames for 1 stop each. I have had these images sitting on the external drive for almost a year and now that I am loving playing around with Photomatix, I decided it was a good one for the software.
click image to enlarge !

5 images merged and processed with Tonemapping. Levels, curves, selective color and saturation layers adjustments in Photoshop CS3.

What do you guys and gals think. Let me know.

All the best, Joe


John Barclay said...

Joe this is a wonderful HDR image. To my eye you have done a terrific job of processing so that one would never know it was an HDR image. Very nice.

Richard said...


Beautiful image. I, also, would have never guessed it was an HDR image. Love that subtly.

I've added you to my blog roll as well.

Richard Bernabe

Reza Tavana Photography said...

Hi Joe,
LOVE this shot or shots :) great work.

tony sweet said...

Tremendous situation, Joe, but if I could offer a very small critique. Notice the blown out water at the base of the frontmost rapids. I call that flashing and is definitely an issue, in general, but especially when shooting in HDR where you have +1 and +2 exposures. However, one more exposure at -3 would probably have toned that down.