Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shenandoah One Day Private Workshop and Scouting Trip

I spent Friday scouting and shooting in Shenandoah National Park for a spring workshop in 2009. The weather was challenging with thick fog, occasional downpours and windy conditions. With so much rain over the past week and all the fog, I decided to focus my attention on shooting waterfalls and forest scenes. The conditions were absolutely perfect for these subjects on Friday. The hardest part of the day was keeping my lens from fogging up and continually wiping a layer of moisture and rain drops of the front element. I used a garbage bag and umbrella to shield my equipment from the elements. I ended up scouting many locations along Skyline Drive for good locations for a group of 8 -10 clients and then spent the remainder of the day in Dark Hollow Canyon shooting waterfalls, stream scenic’s and inner forest scenes.
After finishing up after dark, I strapped on my headlamp and made the hike out of the canyon and headed over to Big Meadows Lodge to check in and dry off. I didn't do any post processing as I had to get up the next morning at "O dark thirty" to meet the group of clients for the private scouting workshop on Saturday morning.
we had no luck at sunrise, thick heavy fog and heavy rain. We retired to the lodge for breakfast and to wait out the weather. After breakfast we braved the elements and the rain let up, but the fog remained. i decided to take the group down to Dark Hollow Falls. The weather and light conditions were perfect and we all got some really great images. After Dark Hollow, we headed down another trail near Big Meadows to Lewis Spring falls. Lewis Falls drops off into a very deep canyon and can only be photographed from above on a narrow stone ledge. I do plan on making the hike up to the base of Lewis Falls later this year or in the fall. It is to far and grueling of a hike to bring in a workshop group, so I will be going it alone on that one.
After finishing up at Lewis Falls and everyone sufficiently tired from the morning hikes we spent the remainder of the afternoon shooting forest scenic’s and grand scenes from the many overlooks in the vicinity of Big Meadows and Skyland. Around 2:30 in the afternoon the sky began to clear a bit and the fog broke up. We were treated to some really amazing clouds and light for the remainder of the day into sunset. I would like to thank my workshop clients for being so positive and enthusiastic even with the cold, wet weather and challenging conditions. I know everyone came away with some great shots of this beautiful park.
Here are some of my Top Selects from Friday and Saturday. Enjoy, Joe.


Chris Kayler said...

Hey Joe - I was there Friday from about 12 till 6, but all of that time was spent doing the doyles river / jones run loop hike. Sorry I missed u. You got some great images. It looks like my favorite dark hollow cascade had some excellent conditions. So much water flow. I was going to brave it with my broken finger and shoot whiteoak canyon today, but its windy as heck. I'm thinking gusts of at least 40 around here. Anyways, I'm planning a WV car camping trip soon with Kari, I'll give you a call and maybe we can meet up there or something.

Joseph Rossbach said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for stopping in man. It was agreat couple of days in Shenandoah. I still have more images to process and I am going to refine some of the ones posted, but I wanted to get up a few right away. So look for some more as the week goes on.

Keep me posted in the WV thing. I have a lot of classroom and workshop gigs over the next couple of weeks, but if I can break away,I would love to meet you and Kari.

Jerry said...


Looks like the waterfalls are running great up there! Very nice stuff, I'd love to make it up soon but I gotta head south to Georgia for some shooting.

John Barclay said...

You're killing me with all the good stuff you are shooting lately. Looks like it will be a terrific place for a workshop. Great stuff dude.

Joseph Rossbach said...

Jerry and John,

Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment guys.

Jerry, I just got the new Mountain Trail brochures, they look awesome.

John, I can't wait to see your stuff from the Poconos this spring.