Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Deleware Bay Horseshoe Crab Spawning

I drove down to Slaughter Beach last night to meet Ian Plant and Alex Mody for a go at shooting the Horseshoe Crab spawning. This is an amazing wildlife event here on the east coast. Every year around the new and full moons in late May and early June the crabs storm the beaches in hundreds and sometimes thousands to spawn. Ian just wrote a great article on the subject this past month that is up on Nature Photographers Online Magazine, check it out!

Well, the light was rather lack luster and the crabs were not in great numbers on this night. Either way, its was great fun and I came away with a few keepers from the outing. We did long exposures and painted with light. Ian will be there for a few more days and I hope he gets some good conditions and the right light.
Here are my images for the night, now back to prepping for Shenandoah this weekend. Joe

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