Sunday, September 9, 2007

Creative Close Up Photography Workshop

In preparation for my "Creative Close Up" Photography Workshop this November sponsored by Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Virginia, I picked up a bouquet of flowers and created a little studio in my backyard to produce some new images and showcase different techniques for the class. Click here to visit my website for registration details. The front image was made with a Nikon D200 and a 105mm Macro lens with a 25mm extension tube. I waited until the sun sank very low in the sky and began to illuminate the petals of this carnation. There was a slight breeze blowing and in order to capture a sharp image, I had to take about twenty shot to get it right. I intentionally chose a wide open aperture of f4.5 for very shallow depth of field and carefully focused on an edge of the petal with dew drops creating a very soft and romantic image.

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