Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cover of Photo Techniques Magizine

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my image "Potomac Cascades" which just made the cover of Photo Techniques Magazine for the January/February edition. I made this image this past summer while shooting at Great Falls, a favorite haunt of mine. The waterfalls and cascades along the Potomac River through Mather Gorge provide countless opportunities to make powerful scenics and is a place that I will continue to visit over and over again.

Check out the my latest feature on Singh Rays Blog of images from my November Workshop at Great Falls.


Chris Kayler said...

Hey Joe,

Was at Borders with Kari right before Christmas and was looking through the magazines and your picture popped out immediately - knew it was yours. Good stuff!

Stephanie Wiggins said...

Congratulations, Joe! You must be very proud...I would be too. :o)

Jim Goldstein said...

I just saw this on the magazine rack. Congratulations.

Joe Rossbach said...

Thanks, Chris, Steph. and Jim.

It always feels great to get cover images.