Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oregon Ridge Road

I am working on producing a new body of work from Baltimore and Harford Counties for upcoming workshop venues in 2009. So even though the leaves have fallen and the weather was less than ideal for great shots, I decided to head out early this morning and do some scouting in the Worthington Valley area of Baltimore County. Here are a few shots from this morning at Oregon Ridge Nature Center. Enjoy!


Chris Kayler said...

Hi buddy, glad to see you posting on the blog. I check in often to see if you do. Though not particularly my style, these photographs are really nice. The 2nd is definitely my favorite. The depth provided by the lines of trees is really great, and the haze in the background further emphasizes that. Nice.

ilachina said...

A fellow Singh-Ray filter user, and one from my neck of the woods no less! ;-) Hi ... I saw your lovely post on Singh-Ray's site, and naturally clicked over to explore. You have some stunning work. While I'm not in Annapolis, I used to live there a while back; and now reside in Northern VA. Great Falls is naturally a frequent stop for me. Perhaps our paths will cross one day. Kudos to a wonderful site and blog.