Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Falls Spring Workshop Conclusion and other spring workshop listings

We finished up our Great Falls Spring Workshop on Sunday afternoon. We had an absolutely great group of students and came away some really nice images. The workshop started at first light on Saturday morning and we were greeted with some nice light at Mather Gorge. All the spring trees in the park were blooming and the Bluebells were also putting on a nice show. After shooting our fill of landscapes along Mather Gorge, we headed over to Bull Run Regional Park to photograph the annual spring Bluebell profusion. Conditions were perfect when we arrived with bright overcast skies and lots of dew. I introduced the students to multiples and montage techniques, as well as macro images. After 2+ hours, it was time to head over to Meadowlark Gardens to give the group a presentation on processing techniques with Lightroom, HDR and Photoshop. We also went into great detail on using graduated ND filters at sunrise and sunset, HDR imaging, and special techniques for creating abstract images. The rest of the day, was spent in the gardens. Sunday morning brought an even more dramatic display of light at Mather Gorge. The rest of the day was spent in the same fashion as Saturday, and with soft overcast light, we turned our attention from shooting the grand landscape to macro ,multiples, montages and details at Meadowlark and Bull Run.

On a side note, I still have spots available for this weekend class on Adobe Lightroom at Meadowlark Gardens. Click herefor more details and payment options.

Also, our one day workshop at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore Maryland still has a few spots available. Sherwood has an amazing display of Tulips and flowering trees and can not be beat at this time of the year. We will be working on creative techniques in macro and abstract imaging. Click herefor more details and payment options.

Here are a few of my keepers from the workshop. Enjoy, Joe.

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Chris Kayler said...

Hey Joe,

Glad you made it to Bull Run. Figures you would do abstracts there ... haha. Really though, that place is nice for that kind of thing. The shapes of the trees with the carpets of bluebells ... nice stuff.

Joseph Rossbach said...

Hey Chris,

You know I love doing the abstrct thing. Bull Run was great. Thanks for your advice last week. Hope we can make it to Shenendaoh for a shoot.

Chris Kayler said...

I'm sure we will at some point.

I'll be there this Saturday most likely. Need to photograph some Redbud! You're free to join, but beware, Kari will be here and we plan on searching for salamanders pretty intensely when we are there, which may or may not bore you to death. Of course, we don't exactly have to stick together the whole time. Anyways, if you're interested let me know.