Thursday, April 3, 2008

Orange Azalea Abstract

Nikon D200, 70-210vr, 25mm extension tube,10 exposure in camera multiple, raw capture, ISO 100

This is an example of an in camera multiple exposure abstract. Using my 70-210 vr and my 25mm extension tube allowed me to closely focus my camera on this beautiful Orange Azalea at Brookside Gardens. I wanted to create a soft abstract representation that was more about shape, color, line and design. With my lens attached to my tripod with the lens collar, I was able to twist the camera in a circular motion over the course of 8 exposures. For the last 2 shots of the multiple, I shot an image sharp at f5.6 and then defocused the 10th exposure at f2.8, thus creating this effect. These types of images have been selling well through the stock agency as well as fine art prints, so I always try to produce new and exciting images in this effect.

Please feel free to chime in and let me know what you think. All the best, Joe.


Chris Kayler said...

Hi buddy,

Nice shot. It reminds me, we gotta go out shooting wild azaleas / mountain laurel / rhododendron in Shenandoah and stuff. In other words, you need to share your knowledge about when these flowers bloom, so I can time my trips. Haha. Seriously though, lemme know if you're up for a local trip or something anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

I love this photo - fantastic merge of colors. Thanks for sharing how you did it - I will have to try that.

Chris Zink

Joe Rossbach said...

Hey Chris (k) and Chris (z),

Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.

Chris (K) - We really do need to get toggether and do some shooting. Its been a long while now. I am planning a photo scouting trip to Shenendoah in mid-May to produce images for a spring workshop in 2009. If you want to tag along, that would be great man. I am thinking May 10th and the 11th. Let me know

Chris (Z)- It was good to see you the other weekend at Brookside Gardens. Give this technique a wirl, I think you will like it alot.