Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Forest Orton

Here is another image from Great Falls Virginia from over the weekend. My client and I were finishing up our morning shoot at the falls and heading back to the parking lot when I noticed a tree that I had photographed this past autumn. I wanted to create a soft dreamy image that portrayed early spring. I used my 70-210 to frame up a particularly color section of spring foliage. I wanted soft even light to make this image, so I waited until the sun was obscured behind clouds and shot off a couple of images. I decided to apply the Orton effect in Photoshop as opposed to doing it in camera with a double exposure or image overlay technique.

Spring Forest Orton, Great Falls National Park, Virginia.
Nikon D200, 70-210, Singh Ray Warm Polarizer, raw capture at ISO 100

Once I had processed my raw file and had my basic tone, contrast and saturation adjustments, I brought the image into Photoshop and created a duplicate layer. I then applied a Gaussian blur to that layer. The filter was set to 14.5 pixels in Gaussian blur. Then went back into the layer dialogue box and reduced the opacity of the duplicate layer to 45% thus creating the effect.

Please feel free to chime in and let me know what you think. All the best, Joe.

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