Saturday, June 28, 2008

Colorado: Day 1

Hello Folks,

Well it has been an exciting 24 hours here in Colorado. We arrived in Denver after a long flight with a stopover in Houston. After getting the rental car and driving up to our motel in Idaho Springs, we were told we could not check in until after 4:oo. Not being one for just sitting around, I decided to head up to Mount Evans to photograph Mountain Sheep and scenic's for the day. Great Images, Big Mistake ! I should know better than to arrive in town from sea level and then 4 hours later be at 14,000 feet. Yep, you guessed it, I came down with a nasty case of altitude sickness and spent the rest of the day with the worst headache of my life. After falling asleep at 7:00 and snoozing through the night until 2:30am, I awoke feeling much better and we decided to head down to Garden of the Gods for a run at shooting sunset. Well worth the 21/2 hour drive !

Today we will be spending the day in the mountains near Rollins Pass shooting wildflowers and mountain scenes. the elevation is only around 11,000 and after sleeping at 7,500 and spending the morning at 6,000 feet, I should be fine.

Here are the first batch of images from the trip. Check back tomorrow, I will have more to share. Joe

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Amber said...

Hi babe! These are soo great! Glad you're feeling better than yesterday! Have a great night! Love am & BP

Reza Tavana Photography said...

Thanks Joe for share them. I know how you feel but it all worth it :)

Guy Tal said...

Gotta love those goats. I can watch them for hours (there's a big herd of them in the Wasatch Mountain here in Utah too).
Sorry about the altitude thing. It will probably take more than 24 hours to get over, though. On the upside, you'll feel like superman when you finally get home.


Life In Colorado said...

Wow, those are amazing colors you captured at Garden of the Gods. And great shots of the goats. Nice job!

Chris Kayler said...

Hey man, sorry to hear about the altitude sickness. On the other hand, you're in Colorado!

<-- Jealous.

Those Mt. Evans Mountain Goats seem like so much fun to shoot. Have fun out there buddy.

Joseph Rossbach said...

Ams, Reza, Guy, Life in Colorado and Chris,

Thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment. I am feeling much better. Thanks for your concern. Joe