Sunday, June 29, 2008

Colorado Private Workshop Day 2: Great Light

OK, I am feeling almost 100% again and have been in the field almost constantly making images since yesterday afternoon. The light at sunset last night was amazing on Rollins Pass. We set up our cameras on a ridge looking out at mmmm Mountain, 30 -45 mile an hour winds pummeling us. The temps were downright freezing and it was very difficult obtaining a sharp image. I was forced to shoot hundreds of shoots in order to have just a few that were sharp.
At sunrise we headed back up to Mount Evans and spent 4 -5 hours shooting atmospherics and wildlife images. The light was awesome again and my client and myself came away with some really nice images. we are now in Rocky Mountain national Park and are actually getting ready to head up on Trail Ridge to hike out along the Ute Trail in hopes of some good light. Wish us luck !
Here are the top selects from day 2. Enjoy, Joe.

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Amber said...

Wow, wow, and WOW! Babe-These are amazing! I almost feel like I am there with you!

dza said...

Stuff looks great Joey. Love the goats! Glad you feeling better. Miss you bro.

Chris Kayler said...

Hi Joe,

mmmm Mountain ?!?!

Joseph Rossbach said...

Ams, dza and chris,

Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.