Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Colorado Day 3 & 4

We have been working very hard out here in Colorado. The light has been amazing at sunrise and sunset, and as usual the afternoon thunderstorms roll in every day providing us with overcast conditions to shoot forest scenes and wildflowers. The images below are from Bear and Nymph Lakes, Tombstone Ridge on Trail Ridge, Glacier Gorge and various aspen meadows in the park.

I have been up since 3:00am and must now get a nap before heading over to the Indian Peaks Wilderness to hike up into the meadows and basins around and above Lake Isabelle.

Check back tomorrow for more images !


Amber said...

Just amazing! Keep them coming! I love to see the posts~ these are some of your best images! I love them!

John Barclay said...

You are killing me dude! Great stuff... envy, envy!

Joseph Rossbach said...

Ams, thanks honey. I miss you and Phoenix so much. I will see you soon. Love ya, Joe.

John, tanks buddy. You gaotta get out here some day. You would love it.