Thursday, July 3, 2008

Colorado Private Workshop/Tour Days 5 & 6: Rocky Mountain National Park

Hello Everyone,

I am finally getting around to processing images from the past two days out here in Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather has been pretty typical of the region and season, clear and cold in the morning, warm and partly cloudy in the early afternoon and then the thunderstorms build over the mountains later in the day. These weather patterns coupled with the incredible scenery make for some great photographic opportunities. The following images below are from various sections of the park including Trail Ridge, Sprague Lake, Dream and Emerald Lakes, Wild Basin and the western arm of the park. The snow lasted for much longer this spring than in years past and the higher elevations of the mountains are still clothed in white. The snow on the peaks really gives the feel of colliding seasons when you can line up the lush greens of early summer against snow capped distant peaks.

We found a lovely area of Colorado columbines in the Wild Basin area and will be heading back over in the next day or two to have another round of shooting this lovely alpine meadow above Finch Lake. Today, after an afternoon nap, we will be hitting the trail and heading up into Glacier Gorge to shoot waterfalls, cascades, alpine scenic's, and hopefully some nice reflections in Mills or Jewel lakes at sunset. Be sure to check back in the next day or two for some more images and stories from Colorado. All the best, Joe.

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John Barclay said...

You da man Joe! Nice stuff, keep it coming!

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty used to seeing your awesome water shots and scenics, but the one with the elk in the bottom right at the edge of the lake with the sun rising was above awesome. I'll have to come up with some new words to describe your work: awespendous? Fantaspendous?

Keep having fun.


Joseph Rossbach said...

John and Bill,

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The kind words are to much, thanks for the great support.