Sunday, July 6, 2008

Colorado Private Workshop/Tour Days 7 & 8

Hello everyone,

I am back in civilization for a few hours before it is time to head back into the wilds. right now I am sitting in a small Internet cafe in the town of Ouray, Colorado. After 5 days of shooting in Rocky Mountain National, we have been spending some time in the western area of the state. Colorado National Monument and the San Juan Mountains will be our focus until Monday afternoon before heading back east to Garden of the Gods for a sunset/sunrise shoot before leaving to come back home. It has been an exciting trip so far and we have managed to make some incredible images and have had some great adventures in the Colorado Mountains. For now though, we will be working the aspen stands, wildflowers and mountain basins near Mount Snefells and Owl Creek Pass.

Colorado National Monument was great at sunset and sunrise and we managed to camp on BLM land just outside of the park. I re-photographed my old friend the twisted and gnarled juniper tree I call the "Embrace". I also made some new fresh images from the Monument and the surrounding area. The temps were fierce, 101 degrees at 6:00pm when arrived on the first day. After finishing up sunrise on the second day, we decided to get back to the mountains and so here we are in the San Juan's.

Here are a few images that I have managed to process in the back of the jeep last night at our camp. I will have many more to come in the coming week. See ya in a few days. Joe

Utah Juniper and the Coke Ovens at sunrise, Colorado National Monument, Colorado

Mountains and Rainbow at sunset from Trail Ridge, rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Silvery Lupine and Aspen Boles, Owl Creek Pass, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Alpenglow over Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Mills Lake sunset, Glacier Gorge Basin, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Alberta Falls, Glacier Gorge, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colroad

Reflections on Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colroado


Amber said...

This new shot of the embracing tree blows away the one that I love already! The light is so rich! Seems like you can improve upon perfection. :)

wfolsom said...


Sounds like you are simply having too much fun! Let's see what you can do Friday night up at Big Meadows. That will be a challenge!


John Barclay said...

Silvery Lupine and Aspen Boles is excellent as are many others but that one struck me the most... well that and the reflection.. the last one! :) Great stuff Joe.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, amazing and it keeps getting better. Silvery Lupine and Aspen Boles blew me away.

Debbi Koplen

Reagan said...

Spectacular shots! I really do admire the Utah Juniper and the Coke Ovens at sunrise. It was the one that really caught my attention. Great thanks you're able to post it. Keep us updated for following one. Good Luck and Cheers!


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